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PVCu Doors

The look and feel of your home says a lot about you. It is very much a statement of your personality and taste. Graham Orrin Installations have the perfect selection of external doors in a wide variety of styles and materials to help you achieve the look you are after.


Quality, High Security Entrance Doors

We offer all these options in a wide range of finishes – from PVCu doors to composite ones, from simple glazed designs to more ornate styles, with decorative glass or panelling. As well as being beautifully made, each door is designed to stand the test of time. So they not only work superbly as a barrier, they also enhance your home too.


Energy Efficient & Low Maintenance

PVCu Panel doors offer a wide range of designs and finishes. These can include full and half panel designs as well as sidelight options.

Bring the garden closer to the house and use it like another room. With easy access in summer and a wonderful view in winter, a patio door adds light and air to life – all year round.

PVCu doors are extremely low maintenance and we guarantee that they won’t fade, warp or rot.


Make A Design Statement

Our door collection is all available in a huge range of exciting finishes, a vast array of glazing options and door furniture to suit every taste - what's more, they're virtually maintenance free and come with a 10 years guarantee as standard for total peace of mind. 




Product Features

Composite Doors


Composite Doors

The ultimate high security entrance door

Any external door you currently have installed within your home can be replaced for a Graham Orrin Installations composite door. Our range of composite doors combine modern materials and performance with stylish looks to enhance the character of your home - whether you opt for a traditional or contemporary style. Available in a wide variety of designs, colours and glass choices to suit your needs.

All our composite doors are engineered from GRP technology, using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques - ensuring your always get a superb finish. Our doors are tough, secure and durable making them the perfect addition to every home. You can also relax, knowing that there will be no colour fading, no cracking, no bowing and no warping, making composite doors virtually maintenance free.



French Doors


French Doors

Throw open the doors and let the light in...

Brighten up your home with our French doors. Offering a simpler but effective alternative to patio or bifold doors, French doors from Graham Orrin Installations provide stunning aesthetics that help give the back of your home a more elegant and classical feel. Choose either inward or outward opening, you can be assured that our French doors will transform your home and provide easy access to your garden.

Throw open French doors and invite the garden, terrace, balcony or country view inside. A breath of fresh air for your kitchen, lounge or dining room, these beautifully made doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home.



Patio Doors


Sliding Patio Doors

Effortless operation and low maintenance.

Bring the garden closer to the house and use it like another room. With easy access in summer and a wonderful view in winter, a patio door adds light and air to life – all year round. Our highly praised patio doors allow you to open your house to the beauty of the outdoors and are available in a wide choice of design and colour options. With a choice of pane options, our sliding doors are easy to operate and offer a great garden view along with easy access into your greenery or onto your balcony or patio.

Our sliding patio doors are stylish and space saving way to bring you closer to your garden. The doors slide open easily to create the perfect entrance in summer weather. And in winter, they give unrivalled insulation.


Panel Doors


Panel Doors

A versatile, durable and stylish solution. 

A new PVCu front door installed by Graham Orrin Installations acts as the most cost-effective way to easily enhance the stylish appearance of your home. Ranging from simple designs to more ornate options, we offer a huge selection of entrance door styles that can be tailored to suit any home - whether you opt for a traditional or contemporary design.

Our extremely popular PVCu panel front and back doors have enduring appeal because they are the most cost effective option to secure your home and add value to your living space. The Graham Orrin Installations range of doors will create an outstanding first impression. Let us help you make every welcome the warmest one.



Colour Options


Colour Options

Make a design statement.